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David A. Waples

About the Author
David August Waples earned a BA in Journalism from Utica College of Syracuse University and a MA in Communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.
He was written four novels and the non-fiction history The Natural Gas Industry in Appalachia. He is married with four children and lives in Fairview, Pennsylvania.

Natural Gas Industry in Appalachia: A History from the First Discovery to the Maturity of the Industry

Praise for The Natural Gas Industry in Appalachia: ". . . this is not just another history book! . . . organized, enjoyable and very readable . . . well-researched and robust . . . bound to become an important reference."
-- Oil Field Journal, Volume 5, 2005-2006

Piano Dreams

Gravestone peddler Fraser Stephens is prematurely slouching towards middle age, with one hundred pounds of extra weight, the burden of caring for a child with mild cerebral palsy, and a wife who is having an affair.

White Widow

A president dies of natural causes. A vice-presidential vacancy. A congressman brutally murdered.

Health & Self Improvement. Achieving goals is like discussing the weather.

Approaching Infinity

The Devil's Breath

An energy boycott strangles the West, but a top-secret project might free the nation from its foreign-oil addiction. Methane hydrate--"burning ice"--buried beneath the ocean can provide an endless supply of natural gas. But the miracle fuel is locked away in unstable formations, where the danger of underwater landslides can create catastrophic tsunamis. A former teenage Palestinian terrorist--now a world-renowned geophysicist--is blackmailed to scuttle the project and cause a killer wave on the American East Coast. Meanwhile, a relentless energy company pursues the project despite the risks, an ambitious corporation lawyer ponders whether the project is a cure or catastrophe, the president contemplates a possible war for energy, and consumer and environmental advocates selfishly promote their own agendas. The Devil's Breath is a techno-thriller that will change how you think about U.S. dependence on foreign oil and gas and the future of energy supplies.